Collection of scientific works of Odesa Military Academy

ZNP 2023   ISSN: 2313-7509   Year of foundation: 2014 12  
Branch of science: 
technical sciences
Periodicity: twice a year
  Certificate of state registration: КВ №20707 from 12.03.2014   
Publication languages: 
Ukrainian, English (mixed languages)
  Collection of scientific of Odesa Military Academy is inscribed to the category ''Б" of the List of Scientific Professional Publications of Ukraine (Technical  Sciences by specialties 255, 274), maintained by orders of Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine № 886 dated July, 2, 2020.
  Auhor category: scientific, scientific-pedagogical workers, graduate students (adjuncts), applicants for the degree of doctor of sciences (candidate of sciences (doctor of philosophy)), students (cadets) of higher educational institutions, a wide range of scientific and technical specialists in the field of technical sciences, etc.
  The editorial board adheres to the principles of academic integrity, all articles are checked for uniqueness through the Unicheck online service
  Responsible department: Scientific-organizational department 
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  The edition address: 10 Fountain road Street, Odessa 65009, Ukraine.


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