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завантаження A. Ugol’nikov, Candidate of Sciences in Physics and Mathematics, Associate Professor  
завантаження S. Shelukhin, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Senior Researcher Scientist

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Угольніков О. П., Шелухін С. В. Підвищення ефективності технічної розвідки. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2022. Вип. 1(17). С. 80-85. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2022.17.80-85 



Technical reconnaissance is the first stage in the restoration of weapons and military equipment damaged during hostilities. The tasks of technical reconnaissance are to collect and analyze data on the number, location and condition of equipment that has failed due to enemy actions, personnel errors or operational failures.
The use of the latest technologies reduces the time required for technical reconnaissance. It is proposed to use unmanned aerial vehicles to determine with high accuracy the coordinates of samples of damaged equipment and to obtain visual information about their condition. This makes it possible to carry out a preliminary determination of the possibility of evacuation of damaged equipment remotely, before the departure of the technical reconnaissance team to the sample of weapons.
The use of information technology provides new opportunities. When planning the route of technical reconnaissance groups, you can use the well-known task of the salesman, which is to find the shortest route that passes through all the specified points at once and ends at the starting point. Many numerical algorithms have been developed to solve this problem. All these methods are implemented using EXCEL spreadsheets and are freely available on the Internet.
When planning the optimal route, the geographical coordinates of damaged weapons samples should be determined using unmanned aerial vehicles. GOOGLE MAPS electronic maps determine the distances between each pair of points to be traversed. These values form a matrix of distances. Then the solution search program built into EXCEL is called. The result is the optimal sequence of points and the total length of the route The calculations performed showed that the routes found are indeed the shortest possible.


технічна розвідка, оптимальний маршрут, безпілотні літальні апарати, задача комівояжера

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