№ 2 (20) – 2023



завантаження L. Petrov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


завантаження I. Kishianus

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Петров Л. М., Кішянус І. В. Елементи теорії всюдихода Петрова-Кішянуса зі зміненням геометрії колісної формули ходової частини. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2023. № 2 (20). С. 149-154. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2023.20.149-154


The article discusses the issues of studying the elements of the theory of a military vehicle for an all-terrain vehicle with a change in the wheel formula of the chassis. The study of the all-terrain vehicle with a change in the wheel formula of the chassis was associated with the use of the Lagrange equation As a generalized coordinate, the angular displacement of the movable wheel from its position with contact in the supporting surface – φ was taken. As a redundant coordinate, the value of the wheel lift up to the frame by the value of -y was used. Also, the equation of moments with respect to the hinge, which is a fixed point of the system – the point of suspension to the frame of the movable wheel, was compiled. The aim of the study is to create a technological scheme of a mobile wheel propulsion system when transferring the energy of the oscillatory movement of the wheel propulsion due to the "transition" of kinetic to potential energy and vice versa due to elastic elements made according to a special geometry with the creation of a portable force that acts on the frame of an all-terrain vehicle and is an auxiliary factor to the innovative technology of its movement.
The scientific and practical direction of the work lies in the fact that for the first time a technology for an all-terrain vehicle has been proposed, in which its movement along the road uses the "transition" of potential energy into kinetic energy by oscillating movement of the wheel, connected to the frame of the all-terrain vehicle by elastic elements made according to a special geometry.
The result of the study is the development of elements of the theory of an all-terrain vehicle with a moving wheel, which makes it possible to create a design of a promising all-terrain vehicle with an oscillating wheel, and thereby offer increased mobility for an all-terrain vehicle. 


physical and mathematical model, force, oscillatory motion, potential energy, kinetic energy.

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