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завантаження L. Petrov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor


завантаження Yu. Petrik

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Петров Л. М., Петрик Ю. М. Елементи теорії Л. Петрова для колісного рушія з розширеним тяговим зусиллям. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2023. № 2 (20). С. 155-161. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2023.20.155-161


The rolling of a car wheel drive is accompanied by its loading by gravitational force in the area of the spot of contact with the supporting surface, which can lead to uneven tire rotation between the right and left sidewalls during its deformation, as well as a decrease in the power transmitted to the car’s wheel drives. The article deals with the research of the elements of the theory of a truck with an internally built-in mechanism.
The purpose of the study is to improve the technological scheme of loading the wheel drive with the mechanism built into it when loading this mechanism with rotating inertial wheels, which allows the energy of rotational movement to be transferred to the wheel drive due to the flexible element kinematically connected to it.
The scientific component of the wheel drive is that the inner part of the wheel drive is loaded with a dynamic mechanism, during the rotation of which the law of energy accumulation is applied on the inner surface of the disk, and this makes it possible to realize the traction moment on the wheel drive.
Mathematical determination of the amount of additional force, which is formed during the rotation of movable inertial wheels and is related to the semi-axis of the car wheel, and this allows changing the speed of the car in a short period of time.
A truck with an internally built-in wheel drive, which allows you to develop a design of a wheel drive with a portable internal effect, and this allows you to increase the dynamic stability of the vehicle itself.
In the design of the wheel drive of the truck, the traction force vector is used in its inner surface in order to align it along the thrust between the left and right sides.
The design of the car with an internally integrated moving mechanism in the wheel drive ensures the efficient use of engine power to create a tangential traction force on the wheel.


physical model, force, moving wheels, moment of inertia, kinetic energy, flexible element.

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