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завантаження S. Tarasenko


завантаження A. Levchenko, Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor

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Тарасенко С. М., Левченко А. О. Побудова макромодуля оператора та імітаційне моделювання процесу технічного обслуговування озброєння та військової техніки. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2023. № 1 (19). С. 80-86. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2023.19.80-86


Increasing the effectiveness of the use of any type of weapon involves the understanding of increasing the survivability of the type. Since the longer a sample of weapons is in working condition, the more efficient and better the performance of the tasks assigned to the unit will be. An important component of the life cycle of a sample of weapons and military equipment (AMT) is maintenance, and the high-quality organization of the maintenance system is a guarantee of the durability of the use of AMT as intended.
The factors influencing the operational and combat characteristics of the OVT are quite multifaceted and require increased attention from the commanders of the units. Modern models of OVT are equipped with systems for managing and monitoring the technical condition of the systems, and the newer the model, the more complex and expensive the systems are, equipping the equipment with such systems ensures reliable and comfortable operation of the model and, as a result, requires strict control over timely maintenance, in the case of the opposite activities of officials responsible for the operation, respectively, premature failure of the entire model, which is unacceptable in military units.
Carry out maintenance planning in a timely and high-quality manner, forecasting the needs of the repair fund for the fastest possible return of the OVT sample that is being serviced (failed) to service. Thereby keeping the equipment in constant combat readiness. This goal should be preceded by an understanding of planning processes, not even using field experiments, but as an option for building operator models, micromodules of maintenance operators and conducting simulation modeling of the maintenance process of mass service systems.


efficiency improvement, life cycle, operating model, influencing factors, failures, maintenance, technical condition, restoration, simulation modeling, mass service systems.

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