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завантаження S. Melnykov


завантаження L. Bykova 
завантаження S. Chvanov
завантаження V. Shapovalov
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Мельников С. Б., Бикова Л. Г., Чванов С. Ю., Шаповалов В. М., Денисюк В. С. Спосіб обрунтування показників виробничих можливостей системи ремонту бронетанкового озброєння і техніки оперативного угруповання військ в операції. Збірник наукових праць Військової академії (м. Одеса). 2023. № 1 (19). С. 103-109. https://doi.org/10.37129/2313-7509.2023.19.103-109


In the conditions of modern operations with the enemy’s use of high-precision weapons, the amount of average daily losses of armored weapons and military equipment (BTOT), for example, in the compounds and parts of the OUV, which conducts the operation, can reach 7-10%, and losses in the first day alone – 20 – 25%. This amount of losses of BTOT units and parts of the OUV may lead to the fact that after 3-4 days of the operation they may become limited in combat capability and may not complete the combat tasks assigned to them in full. Therefore, the system of complex repair of damaged BTOT samples will play a major role in maintaining the combat capability of troops during the operation.
This causes the need to develop requirements for the production capabilities of this system, in particular, for its main element – the system of repair (repair and restoration) bodies, thanks to which the system under consideration would be able to meet the needs of the troops in the conditions of modern operations. These requirements are related to the determination of the necessary average daily productivity of repair bodies for the repair of one or another type (group) of weapons and military equipment (OMT), the required number of repair departments (platoons), the labor intensity of a certain type of OMT repair, the probability of developing the OMT repair fund, etc.
The purpose of this article is to propose a methobability apporoach to the substantiation of the indicators that characterize the system of repair of armored weapons and equipment of an operational group of troops, which takes into account the influence of the main external factors on the process of repair of armored personnel carriers. This is the approach allows you to determine the main indicators that characterize the studied system with sufficient completeness.


maintenance and repair system, armored weapons and military equipment, repair and restoration bodies.

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