R. Bulgakov, B. Bordyian, P. Bordyian, V. Yarmolyuk, D. Maksymchuk


The article analyzes the factors that influence the organization of technical support during the movement to take into account the experience of conducting an anti-terrorist operation (the operation of the combined forces) in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions.

Changes in the nature of the armed struggle, the development of operations (combat operations), forms and methods of performing combat missions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and the further development of a comprehensive supply system necessitate the further development and improvement of the Armed Forces technical support system, rational distribution and use of forces, the purpose of timely restoration of samples of weapons and military equipment, uninterrupted supply of missiles and ammunition, replenishment of military technical facilities and, consequently, obtaining the benefits of the actions of units in a short time.

It is known that the movement of troops (forces) is carried out for the purpose of fast and rapid deployment, the creation of appropriate groups of troops (forces) in designated areas (areas) to perform combat missions. Accordingly, the technical support system is entrusted with a number of heterogeneous tasks, the performance of which ensures the success of the movement of troops (forces) and the creation of appropriate groups.

In recent times, the issue of technical support for the movement of troops (forces) has received little attention during various kinds of research, and the problems that arise during the organization and maintenance are considered only superficially.

It is these issues that have become most urgent in our time, during the conduct of the anti-terrorist operation (the operation of the combined forces) in the territory of Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Maintenance issues, such as maintenance, restoration and maintenance of military-technical assets, are crucial, and the imperfection of management and failures in the organization of the entire process have a negative impact on the level of combat readiness of the troops, and sometimes lead to unjustified human casualties.

The analysis of the consequences of organizational and staffing activities carried out in recent years on the reduction of technical support units and their numbers, personal experience of participation in ATO /OCF in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions shows that the technical support system does not fully allow for a full range of relevant measures, to which they rely.


Comprehensive coverage, armaments and military equipment, advancing military force (force), military-technical property, combat capability of the military, organization of technical support.


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