I. Saienko, А. Iefimenko, O. Rozmaznin, A. Efimenko


The article deals with the problem of providing a unified information policy and the formation of a single information space in the territory of modern Ukraine in the context of escalating threats, faced by our state in the humanitarian sphere, Analysis of the peculiarities of the information-propaganda defining component of modern wars on the example of Russian Federation aggression in Ukraine.

The disclosure of this issue in the context of the presented work is caused by the need of a scientific generalization of an existing theoretical and practical operational experience which should help clarify issues not reflected in open domestic and have no thorough, systematic analysis of the aforementioned wars and threats. Solving a certain problem will help ensure the national security of Ukraine through timely decision-making to prevent and eliminate the threats of the so-called "hybrid war". Impossible in modern conditions is to maintain frontal aggressive warfare, the use of weapons of mass destruction. This explains the spread of information wars. They achieve political objectives through global (strategic) psychological operations to shape the positive attitude of the international community to such actions, through the implementation of the psychological treatment of the conflict region, which are subjected to servicemen and the people of enemy.


Hybrid war, cybersecurity, the armed forces of Ukraine, national security


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