T. Ivanov, M. Petrushenko, S. Kostіychenko, A. Ostrovsjkyj


The article identifies the need to create basic requirements for the technological process of designing and manufacturing ammunition for small arms based on the analysis of the assets of previous years in our country and foreign countries. The basic principles of classification of ammunition for small arms are presented, the characteristics of the firing process that are necessary for further ballistic calculations are briefly analyzed, the necessary loading conditions are determined, the dynamic and ballistic characteristics of bullets are determined, their reliable functioning during firing is evaluated. The methods of calculations of the main parameters of extraction and durable characteristics of the cartridges are given. The design procedure is determined by the data on the construction and purpose of different types of cartridges, methods of testing and acceptance of products are considered. The processes of production of metal elements of ammunition for small arms are highlighted separately.

It is known that the only source of supply of ammunition for small arms for the Armed Forces of Ukraine was the Luhansk Cartridge Plant, which apparently used sources and literature for the design and production of ammunition since the Soviet Union. Unfortunately, during the years of Ukraine's independence, both during the peacetime and during the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine, attention was not paid to developing requirements for the design and production of not only small arms ammunition, but also of ammunition as a whole, which is why it becomes unclear, what modern private investors rely on and use, offering and already partially meeting the needs of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with some types of ammunition. It is no secret that the scale of the cost of ammunition for small arms, even in peacetime, counts by the billions of pieces, which requires considerable material costs not only for their production, but also for transportation, storage, and testing. Accordingly, the purpose of the article is to determine the basic requirements for the basics of design and technological process of production of ammunition for small arms, taking into account the constant development and modernization of not only the cartridges themselves, but also small arms.


Cartridge, bullet, bore, small arms, technological process.


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